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How Does a Normal Cell Turn into Cancer?

There are units called DNA in cells, which are the center of all vital activities. However, in some cases such as environmental factors and genetic predisposition, this unit may be damaged. A normal and healthy cell can repair this part or not and become a cell, but in the cancerous cell, the damaged DNA does not die, on the contrary, it begins to divide uncontrollably. Later, these uncontrollably dividing and increasingly proliferating cells accumulate to form tumors, the sum of large cancerous cells. These tumor cell groups can be benign or malignant. Among these cells, benign ones are not life threatening, on the other hand, malignant ones should be removed from the body with cancer treatment methods.


What are the Types of Cancer?

There are cancer types named according to the body region where the cancer cell originates. Although there are nearly 100 types of cancer, some types of cancer are very rare in humans and some are very common. If we consider cancer as a disease, more than half of the people who get this disease die every year. For this reason, although there are advanced treatment methods, the risk varies according to the region where the cancer cell is located in the body. The most common types of cancer are lung, prostate, intestine, stomach, and in women, uterine, thyroid and breast cancer. These types of cancer are riskier.


What Are Cancer Treatment Methods?

There are many alternative treatment methods in medical science and technology developed due to the increasing cancer disease recently. Of these methods, your doctor will determine the appropriate treatment according to your cancer type and health condition. You can choose a suitable treatment method with your doctor. Methods such as chemotherapy, surgical intervention, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, hyperthermia, stem cells and immunotherapy can be used. The methods suitable for you can also be used together, or one method can be used. This may vary depending on the situation in which the cancer cell and the tumor are formed. Various problems can occur in various body parts and the problemed area should be cleaned as soon as possible.


What Are the Treatment Methods of Cancer?

Recently, many different cancer treatment methods have been developed thanks to the technology and medical science developing in line with the needs. Surgery is the first and most common method that comes to mind for cancer, which nowadays commonly takes place in our lives. Newly developed surgical techniques are effective in removing cancerous cells from the body, as far as facilities and health conditions allow. Secondary method, which is another effective method, is the use of chemotherapy medicines in cancer treatment. Radiation therapy, unlike drug therapy, is the use of very high-dose types of radiation on cancer cells. Thanks to the advancing technology, another method has been developed. Cancer cells can be stopped from growing and developing with a method called targeted therapy.

What is the Most Dangerous Type of Cancer?

Cancer has a different effect on every body since it is something that varies individually. Therefore, not every person’s body has the same effect against cancer cells. However, although this is the case, some types of cancer progress rapidly without people noticing its symptoms. Late detection of symptoms can also be too late for anything. One of the most dangerous types can be skin cancer. Asymmetrical moles on your skin is one of the biggest symptoms. If these asymmetrical moles are starting to grow and become even more unformed, there may be a malignant tumor onset, and you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

How Do Cancer Cells Die?

Cancer cells are cells that develop spontaneously and irregularly and then divide and multiply irregularly and spread outwards from the region where they are located. Your doctor will decide the appropriate treatment for you and your cancer cell. As a result of the treatment of these cells, these cells are either eliminated from the body by surgical intervention or the growth and development of the problematic cell is stopped with other treatment methods. Cancer cell can be controlled according to the treatment methods applied in this way. In the treatment method called radiation therapy, this time the problematic cell is killed by exposure to high doses of radiation.





Cancer Treatment Centers

Cancer Treatment Centers

Cancer treatment centers established around the world have aimed a multidisciplinary approach and adopted the principle of “Patient-Focused Care”. The primary aim of cancer treatment centers is to make cancer patients and their relatives feel at home. One of the other aims is not to decrease the patients’ and their relatives’ life quality. Cancer treatment centers include sub-departments and branches such as Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Gynecological Oncology, Hematological Oncology, Oncological Imaging and Surgical Oncology. In addition, cancer treatment centers are centers where the most up-to-date treatment methods are applied. They are centers that closely follow technological and scientific developments and offer the most up-to-date treatment options. These centers are among the health institutions where a multidisciplinary treatment approach in the field of oncology can be applied under one roof. The functioning of cancer treatment centers begins from the first diagnosis of cancer. The treatments performed in these centers are customized treatments. From the moment of the first cancer diagnosis, the tumor council consisting of specialist doctors provides a consensus on the patient’s treatment program. The council is an experienced team consisting of the patient’s surgeon, radiologist, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, pathologist, laboratory specialists and nuclear medicine specialists. The main goal is to create a model for cancer, caring of the cancer patients and to treat patients with cancer and to do this under the same roof.

How Long Does Cancer Treatment Take?

It is important that cancer patients diagnosed with cancer are diagnosed with which type of cancer. Since the treatment is planned according to the type of cancer, the duration of treatment also varies in this sense. Cancer treatment centers personalize the treatment in this sense and ensure that all treatment methods are carried out under the same roof during the treatment.

Cancer Treatment Methods

Cancer treatment methods can be listed as follows.

  • Surgery and radiotherapy: It is a method that performs local treatment.
  • Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy: Systemic treatments. Chemotherapy is a special specialty since cytotoxic drugs are used. When administered in effective doses, the dose should be done by protecting the patient from side effects. The drugs are distributed throughout the body through the blood. Thus, the proliferation of uncontrolled cells is prevented.

In addition to these cancer treatments, cancer treatment centers, where current and new technological treatment methods are applied, provide treatment without reducing the quality of life of patients and their relatives.


Cancer Treatment Alternatives

Cancer Treatment Alternatives

Cancer is one of the most dangerous and deadly diseases to date for which no definitive cure or solution has been found. There are many different treatment options for the destruction, neutralization or slowing of cancer cells in the body during the cancer treatment process. In addition to the current cancer treatment options, studies on new solutions and treatments are still ongoing.

Treatment Alternatives Used According to the Type and Tevelopment of Tancer

  • Chemotherapy Treatment: Chemotherapy may be used to treat a number of different types of cancer. It is a drug that is used in patients to kill cancer cells in the body. Chemotherapy affects the whole body and the cells, as it can spread throughout the body as well as to cancerous areas of the body.
  • Radiotherapy Treatment: In this procedure, high levels of radiation are applied to cancer cells and tumors in the body, and the goal is to destroy or shrink cancer cells and tumors. Radiation therapy also affects other cells as well as the area of cancer, but its effects are much lower compared to chemotherapy.
  • Target Cell Tratment: One of the main objectives of this treatment is to prevent damage to other cells and organs caused by drugs and radiation during the fight against cancer. Treatment is directed to cancer cells in a specific region.
  • Immunotherapy: The objective of immunotherapy is to strengthen the immune system by detecting cancerous regions and cells so that patients can fight cancer better and stronger.
  • Hormonotherapy: Hormone therapy is applied to individuals with prostate and breast cancer who are unable to undergo treatments such as radiation or surgery. The objective of this treatment is to minimize the pain and the effects of cancer.


Complementary and Supportive Cancer Treatments in Alternative Medicine

It is observed that some alternative medicine practices within the supervision and approval of doctors have positive effects on the treatment of cancer disease. However, this type of treatment must be approved by a specialist doctor before being applied. This type of treatment methods applied unconsciously can seriously endanger health. Some of these treatments are as follows:

  • Phytotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Reflexology, etc.

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