In August 2017, we were established in the United Kingdom to carry out health tourism activities under the name of GLOBAL TOURISM LIMITED. We became one of the industry leaders in Europe as a recognized health tourism operator.

KIWIMEDI.COM, a Global Tourism Limited company, aims to provide health tourism services to people living in England, Wales, Scotland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Finland. For this purpose, we continue our work with success and confidence.

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KIWIMEDI, London-based Global is a digital and interactive world. KIWIMEDI platform supports the platform users who travel to the KIWIMEDI network with its 372 hospitals and clinics, thousands of specialist doctors and a team that provides 24/7 service in 46 countries around the world, and provides global health tourism consultancy to health servers.

KIWIMEDI is an easy-to-use and secure service platform that helps patients to easily obtain their medical opinions and to plan their high-quality medical treatment time at affordable prices abroad and find solutions to their problems.


Medical providers on the KIWIMEDI platform must comply with strict quality assurance criteria. We select health care providers based on three main criteria:

medical quality

Medical quality

international patient

Experience in treating international patients


Patient satisfaction


We have set up this health network to make your complex health procedures easier. You will investigate research, doctors, locations, treatment plans, prices, risks, and then make sure you make the right decision. Here is the companion KiwiMedi you are looking for on your health journey. We have made the necessary efforts to provide you with the best possible health care.

Still undecided about a treatment?

Not sure which clinic to choose?
We have listed the most reliable top quality clinical hospitals and the best experienced doctors for you. Your recovery is as important to us as treatment. We bring you together with reliable healthcare providers and cooperate with internationally accredited institutions. We bring together those who want to improve their health and treatment centers and help improve health in a global network. We look forward to seeing you after the treatment, and from time to time we will visit you to make you better and support you, because we love a good success story like everyone else.

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