How Does a Normal Cell Turn into Cancer?

How Does a Normal Cell Turn into Cancer?

There are units called DNA in cells, which are the center of all vital activities. However, in some cases such as environmental factors and genetic predisposition, this unit may be damaged. A normal and healthy cell can repair this part or not and become a cell, but in the cancerous cell, the damaged DNA does not die, on the contrary, it begins to divide uncontrollably. Later, these uncontrollably dividing and increasingly proliferating cells accumulate to form tumors, the sum of large cancerous cells. These tumor cell groups can be benign or malignant. Among these cells, benign ones are not life threatening, on the other hand, malignant ones should be removed from the body with cancer treatment methods.  

What are the Types of Cancer?

There are cancer types named according to the body region where the cancer cell originates. Although there are nearly 100 types of cancer, some types of cancer are very rare in humans and some are very common. If we consider cancer as a disease, more than half of the people who get this disease die every year. For this reason, although there are advanced treatment methods, the risk varies according to the region where the cancer cell is located in the body. The most common types of cancer are lung, prostate, intestine, stomach, and in women, uterine, thyroid and breast cancer. These types of cancer are riskier.  

What Are Cancer Treatment Methods?

There are many alternative treatment methods in medical science and technology developed due to the increasing cancer disease recently. Of these methods, your doctor will determine the appropriate treatment according to your cancer type and health condition. You can choose a suitable treatment method with your doctor. Methods such as chemotherapy, surgical intervention, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, hyperthermia, stem cells and immunotherapy can be used. The methods suitable for you can also be used together, or one method can be used. This may vary depending on the situation in which the cancer cell and the tumor are formed. Various problems can occur in various body parts and the problemed area should be cleaned as soon as possible.
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