What is Cyberknife?

Cyberknife Treatment

What is Cyberknife?

Cancer treatment saves lives if done on time today. For this reason, with the developing technology, treatment methods are developed. Treatment methods developed with the help of robotic support to perform cancer treatment in the whole body and prevent human-induced errors are used quite frequently, as they will yield risk-free results. Cyberknife has been developed as a robotic radiosurgery system to treat the whole body. In the methods used in cancer treatment, radiation affects not only the problematic tissue but the whole body, while Cyberknife treatment can be treated by transferring all this radiation to the damaged tissue, and healthy tissues can also be protected from radiation with this method. In traditional methods, due to this intense radiation, healthy tissues in the body are damaged and the patient is also worn out. The system rotates around the patient and irradiates the radiation beams focally with computer control. In this way, an efficient treatment process is carried out with high dose radiation beams to the cancerous areas.


Cyberknife in Private Hospital in Turkey

The methods developed for cancer in Turkey is updated every day with technology efforts to achieve more efficient treatment methods and practices are carried out. In this context, the Cyberknife treatment in private hospitals in Turkey are available. Since it is health in question, such efficient practices are an important issue in terms of reaching many people by hospitals. Health services integrated with the world in a manner and timeliness of the work done by taking a progressive industry in Turkey mainly by getting the necessary hardware for useful technologies.


Cost of Cyberknife Treatment

Since this radiosurgery system is a very expensive system, it will provide a limited number of services in the country. In addition to the access problem, long trainings are also required for the use of the system. Cyberknife treatment results can give positive results not only after one day but also over time, therefore it is also dependent on the patient as a process. Although it is a somewhat costly process in terms of price, it performs a much more positive and non-wearing treatment process. Paying per session during the treatment process varies according to the healing process of the patient. In other treatment methods, considering the damaging effect of the radiation effect on undamaged tissues in the sessions, treatment fees are reasonable.

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