Chemotherapy Treatment

Chemotherapy Treatment

Literally, chemotherapy means treatment with medication. This treatment is a term mostly used to refer to drugs used to treat cancer cells. In cancer treatment, chemotherapy can be used alone or to complement other treatments. Chemotherapy treatment can be used for different purposes depending on the type of cancer and the patient’s condition. It can be used for conditions such as treating cancer, controlling cancer to slow its spread and growth, relieving and eliminating pain and similar symptoms caused by cancer. In order to prevent the side effects of chemotherapy, which is used to kill rapidly growing cells in the body, a drug treatment is also applied to ensure that the patient goes through the process comfortably.

The Cost of Chemotherapy Treatment

Chemotherapy treatment has some expensive medication in terms of cost. In this respect, it is important to continue the process with the same doctor in order to predict the course of the process and the developments in the past in terms of not being intense during the treatment. Using expensive drugs does not necessarily mean a better treatment. Since the drugs used in the treatment are used according to the situation and development of the patient, the cost issue is directly proportional to this situation. During the treatment period, drugs used to relieve pain and other discomfort caused by chemotherapy are cost effective, while drugs used for chemotherapy are more expensive. In this context, applying the correct treatment steps for the type and spread of cancer is essential to prevent extra costs. In order to avoid this situation, it is very important to start this treatment with the help of experts.

Chemotherapy Treatment for Breast Cancer

Chemotherapy is a treatment used to support surgical treatment in most patients. The decision to perform chemotherapy in breast cancer is made as a result of the examination of the tumor removed as a result of the surgical operation. This is a treatment aimed at preventing cancer from spreading. Chemotherapy treatment is applied for a while as a precaution, even if the cancer is completely over, to prevent it from happening again. In addition, it is applied to reduce the size of the existing tumor and to make it suitable for surgical application. Chemotherapy drugs administered orally or intravenously spread throughout the body and are generally more effective, so more than one drug can be given at the same time.
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