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With more than 5000 doctors and experts in the healthcare field, this medical directory provides a list of all doctors across a wide range of medical fields

How does KiwiMedi work?

KiwiMedi lists the best certified and technologically-equipped hospitals and clinics for you.
We help you find the most appropriate hospital / clinic and doctor for your treatment.

  • Choose which treatment in which country you are looking for

  • We list the hospitals, clinics, doctors that provide the treatment you are looking for and you compare them

  • You can read patient reviews and ask questions

  • Get direct access with hospital, clinic and doctor, no commissions

  • Quickly find the treatment you are looking for, reach your doctor, don't wait

  • No mess, choose affordable and safe treatment

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KiwiMedi lists clinics and hospitals which have received the most respected international accreditations and certifications in health care.

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Please read about their experiences with the services we and our partners provide so that you can have an opinion about what you will expect in your own case. Also, you can find the hospitals/clinics they visited on our platform, KiwiMedi.

I really don't beleive I would of had the certainty to travel to another country without them... What's more, I would prescribe John and KiwiMedi to any FAMILY and companions."
George, UK FUE Hair Transplant Liv Hospital Ulus Istanbul, Turkey
Bree at KiwiMedi was splendid, useful... as I am not the most grounded with regards to being associated with the dental specialist... my dental specialist made everything quiet and soothing."
Maxene T., UK Dental Checkup MDental Clinic, Hungary
Once more, generally the experience was fantastic and I am cheerful that I settled on this choice. Sophie [at KiwiMedi] was overly responsive, educated and exceptionally connected all through this journey."
T.N., US Gastric Sleeve CosMed Clinic, Mexico
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