Radiotherapy Treatment

Radiotherapy Treatment

Radiation, which is a special type of energy carried by waves and particles, is produced by special devices and propagated by radioactive materials. Thanks to this energy, it can be used in cancer treatments as well as imaging in medicine. Special devices are needed to direct radiation to diseased tissues. The use of high radiation energy with these devices to treat diseases is called radiotherapy, also known as radiation therapy. This procedure is used to shrink the tumor before surgery, to clean the microscopic cancer cells that may remain after the operation, as a treatment with chemotherapy without surgery, and to relieve pain and other discomfort. It is applied in two different ways, externally and internally. In most patients, this procedure is performed externally. With the help of the device, radiation is applied to the diseased tissue by sending it from outside in the form of rays.

Radiotherapy Treatment for Cancer

Radiotherapy is a method that enables cancer cells to be killed by applying radiation. This method can also be used in conjunction with other cancer treatment methods, surgery and chemotherapy. It can be used alone or it can be used together to reduce the mass before surgery and to completely remove the remaining microscopic parts of the mass after surgery. The type and course of treatment varies according to the age of the patient, general health status, the type of cancer, the stage of the cancer and the location of the cancer. While there are so many factors, separate evaluations are made even for patients with the same type of cancer mass. Unlike chemotherapy, this treatment, which is performed with radioactive materials, enables the killing of cancer cells and preventing their recurrence by only irradiating the diseased tissue. In chemotherapy, it can be more weary than this method due to the fact that it is taken by medication and spreads to all parts of the body.

Radiotherapy Treatment for Skin Cancer

Radiotherapy treatment can also be applied in the treatment of skin cancer. With this method, high-dose energy beams such as x-rays are used to kill cancer cells. In skin cancer, this treatment is generally recommended after surgery. If there are any diseased cells remaining after the surgical procedure, its use in order to completely remove it provides more efficient results. In some cases, it can be used to alleviate diseased tissues that have spread to other parts of the body.    
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