Health Ambassador Program

Today, people have sought cross-border pursuits to improve their health or to live better and better.

At this point, offers the most modern solutions with Europe’s largest digital safe health tourism network.


What is the Kiwimedi Health Ambassador Program?

You can become a Kiwimedi Health Ambassador, regardless of whether you are a student, housewife or worker or your profession, without interrupting your daily work.

The Kiwimedi Health Ambassador Program is a team solidarity that supports registered ambassadors to improve their health and lead a healthier life, while at the same time generating income.

Kiwimedi health ambassadors is an advisory program that will generate income without making any changes in their lives.


How it Works

The Health Ambassador Program is very simple. When you decide to become our health ambassador, you just need to fill out and send the registration form at From that moment you are the Kiwimedi health ambassador. Every service recipient who receives treatment from you through Kiwimedi will earn you cash. After the transferred patient is discharged from the hospital, the ambassador is entitled to receive a fee. Commission payments are made monthly to the ambassador’s bank account. There are no conditions or criteria for being a health ambassador and there are no restrictions on the advice the person can make.

You can also participate in Kiwimedi informative trainings that will be held regularly at 5-star hotels or at our facilities.


Advantages of being a Kiwimedi Health Ambassador

1. The program allows health ambassadors to receive discounts at Kiwimedi’s contracted hospitals for their treatments or health improvements (aesthetics, hair transplant, dental, etc.) The discount rate varies between 20% and 50% depending on the treatment and procedure.

2. When our health ambassadors regularly guide 12 people a year or 1 person a month at our contracted hotels, they spend a healthy holiday with their families.

3. The Health Ambassador will earn money for each new patient and referral that he / she points to and is sold to Kiwimedi. This rate is 5% of the price.

We invite you to our Kiwimedi team.

Registration Form

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