What Are Heart Surgeries According to How They Are Performed?

What Are Heart Surgeries According to How They Are Performed?

What Are Heart Surgeries According to How They Are Performed? It is undoubtedly known by everyone that if the heart diseases are not taken into account, it can result in death. Heart surgery is a surgical method applied to the detection of heart conditions. Let’s briefly explain what are the heart surgeries according to the way they are performed. Heart surgeries are divided into different surgical interventions, including open heart surgery and closed heart surgery. Classical heart surgery is the surgery in which the place called the breastbone is cut. Another method is one of the operations performed by making small incisions under the armpit for robotic surgery methods, which are applied with the developing technology. This surgery is frequently performed by entering under the armpit.

How Is Heart Surgery Performed?

As it is known, heart surgery is performed under general anesthesia as it will be performed in the most vital organs. Prior to this process, the pre-cardiac surgery preparation process is applied to the patient, minimizing all risks to be encountered in the surgery. Under general anesthesia, the patient’s heart is stopped by providing lung machine support, or surgical operation is performed by intervening to the beating heart. Two different methods are used in heart surgeries. One method is the process of making an open surgical application by cutting the faith board on the chest, which is gradually being used. It is very detailed and the healing process is also very long. The most commonly used surgical operation method today is closed heart surgery. In this surgery, a small incision is made from the armpit in order for the robotic devices to reach the heart and a surgical operation that will heal faster with robotic intervention is performed.

How does the Heart Surgeries Associated with The Disease?

There are various risks in all surgical operations. One of the leading factors determining the risks of heart diseases may be the health problems that the person has. The age of the person, the damage in the heart and vessels, the damage in the kidneys, liver and similar organs, and the health problems he or she has already experienced are important factors that shape the question of how the heart surgery  are associated with the disease. Heart diseases and diseases that require cardiac surgeries can be diabetes, high blood pressure, congenital heart diseases, heart attack, heart failure, cracking or rupture of aortic vessels, and very rare heart cancer. The decision of surgery is evaluated according to the course of these diseases and the occurrence of heart surgery conditions. As a result of the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment methods are determined and put into practice.
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