How Long Does Closed Heart Surgery Take to Operate?

How Long Does Closed Heart Surgery Take to Operate?

How Long Does Closed Heart Surgery Take to Operate? ; People with heart conditions often wonder how long does it take to operate a closed heart surgery. As it is known, heart diseases take the lead in our country and can result in deaths if they are not taken into account. There are short- and long-lasting operations in heart surgeries. Although this period varies according to the extent of the disease, on average heart surgeries take three and a half to four hours. Eighty percent of the operations performed in heart surgeries last up to 4 hours. In the remaining 20%, there are surgeries that are completed earlier or later. The main factor affecting the time is undoubtedly the damage to the heart, the size of the case and other factors affecting the operation.

Preparation Process Before Heart Surgery

Heart surgery is an operation that is performed for problems in the heart, including open heart surgery or closed heart surgery with surgical methods. Since heart surgeries are risky, the preparation process before cardiac surgery should be carried out within the framework of the rules recommended by doctors. The preparation process before the heart surgery to be performed is a process that requires the determination of the surgical process that will enable the person to reveal whether there are other conditions that will trigger heart disease. At the same time, the risk of infection in the body is also observed so that the operation can be carried out with minimum risk. In one of these procedures, it is evaluated by the dentist that there is no infection in the mouth. During the operation, all the requirements that the patient may need are provided in advance. Blood samples can be given as an example to these needs. In order for these examinations to be performed, the patient is admitted to the hospital 1 day before the operation and the necessary documents are obtained and all similar procedures are completed. Along with the hospitalization, the meals and other nutrition are provided by the hospital under special conditions to the patient.

What Are the Possible Risks You May Encounter in Heart Surgery?

There are potential risks that can be encountered in all surgical operations. Considering this situation, the specialists are informing the patient about the possible risks that they may encounter during heart surgery. The risk of the disease in heart surgeries is determined and this risk is compared with the surgery risks. The answer to the question of what the risks that may be encountered in heart surgeries are, is not a very high risk of heart surgery, but there is a risk that the responses to the surgery depending on the health status of the person who will have heart surgery. The risk is one percent in many heart surgeries, but the age and the presence of additional conditions cause the risk of death.