Cancer Treatment Alternatives

Cancer Treatment Alternatives

Cancer is one of the most dangerous and deadly diseases to date for which no definitive cure or solution has been found. There are many different treatment options for the destruction, neutralization or slowing of cancer cells in the body during the cancer treatment process. In addition to the current cancer treatment options, studies on new solutions and treatments are still ongoing.

Treatment Alternatives Used According to the Type and Tevelopment of Tancer

  • Chemotherapy Treatment: Chemotherapy may be used to treat a number of different types of cancer. It is a drug that is used in patients to kill cancer cells in the body. Chemotherapy affects the whole body and the cells, as it can spread throughout the body as well as to cancerous areas of the body.
  • Radiotherapy Treatment: In this procedure, high levels of radiation are applied to cancer cells and tumors in the body, and the goal is to destroy or shrink cancer cells and tumors. Radiation therapy also affects other cells as well as the area of cancer, but its effects are much lower compared to chemotherapy.
  • Target Cell Tratment: One of the main objectives of this treatment is to prevent damage to other cells and organs caused by drugs and radiation during the fight against cancer. Treatment is directed to cancer cells in a specific region.
  • Immunotherapy: The objective of immunotherapy is to strengthen the immune system by detecting cancerous regions and cells so that patients can fight cancer better and stronger.
  • Hormonotherapy: Hormone therapy is applied to individuals with prostate and breast cancer who are unable to undergo treatments such as radiation or surgery. The objective of this treatment is to minimize the pain and the effects of cancer.

Complementary and Supportive Cancer Treatments in Alternative Medicine

It is observed that some alternative medicine practices within the supervision and approval of doctors have positive effects on the treatment of cancer disease. However, this type of treatment must be approved by a specialist doctor before being applied. This type of treatment methods applied unconsciously can seriously endanger health. Some of these treatments are as follows:
  • Phytotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Ozone Therapy
  • Reflexology, etc.
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