Will I Be Awake During Angiography

Will I Be Awake During Angiography

Will I Be Awake During Angiography? ; Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most serious diseases in our country and in the world. Problems such as hardening of the veins over time, vascular occlusions, and narrowing of the arteries can result in death. In cardiovascular diseases, many treatment methods can be applied from the moment complaints begin to occur. The question of whether I will be awake during angiography is a question frequently asked by many people who are concerned. It is the name given to the method of imaging the internal structure of the vessels with surgical imaging devices. This procedure is used in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease and heart valves, and many cardiovascular diseases that have not yet been diagnosed in aortic vessels. At the same time, angiography can be performed for evaluations such as whether the heart muscles are functioning properly and whether there is a loss. Angiography is used as a decisive method in order to choose one of the many treatments to be applied to the person in cases of vascular occlusion and similar situations of a person who has had a heart attack. Although it is seen as a very simple procedure in terms of surgery, it is actually a very detailed and vital application.

Where Angiography is performed?

Although many people do not have detailed information about angiography, they wonder where angiography is performed. Angio procedures can be performed by a special staff in coronary angiography heart catheterization laboratories in hospitals. In an environment specially designed for angio operation, angio operation is performed with a zero-risk focus.

Who performs Angiography?

Angiography may lead to cardiovascular diseases since it is devastative in heart and vascular access if it is not performed by experts or there is lack of attention. In fact, it can cause serious errors that can result in permanent disease or death. Under these circumstances, it is vital to know who performs the angiography procedure and to follow up the procedures. The coronary angiography is performed by a cardiovascular team consisting of specially trained cardiologists, nurses and paramedics. The operation is managed and carried out with the support of the cardiologist team. In addition to being an angio diagnostic operation, a surgical application can also be performed in the same session by performing stent placement if deemed necessary during angiography. Again, this process is carried out by the same team.