Is Angioplasty a Serious Surgery

Is Angioplasty a Serious Surgery

In cases of serious occlusions in the heart vessels and problems related to vascular stenosis, usually, the method called by-pass is applied. However, Angioplasty, which is a more risk-free and more practical method, has become widespread in order to prevent the increasing problem of vascular occlusion. Thanks to this method, the existing occlusion can be prevented with a smaller procedure. For this reason, this method is often preferred. Doctors and especially the physicians who treat the patient in this area may choose Angioplasty as the appropriate method. If the patient has an efficient process, he or she may return home after staying in the hospital for 1 day at the end of the surgery.

How Serious Is Angioplasty?

It is risky to have a blood flow failure and vascular occlusion, which is a serious condition that is usually seen in the elderly. Angioplasty has been developed for this situation and enables the vessel to be functional in a healthy way. In general, it is the technique of expanding the clogged and dysfunctional vessel. In this case, a better blood pressure is provided in the blood vessels. In some cases, a stent may be required to keep the vein open. Therefore, in this case, a mechanical support is required after scratching the inner part of the vessel surface with the help of stents. The risk minimizes if this occlusion is noticed early and is treated.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Angioplasty?

This treatment, which has a rare risk, is usually carried out contently by medical doctors and their patients. With this method, in general, no risks are encountered after the procedure, and the patient is usually discharged from the hospital 1 day after the procedure. There is a low probability of reoccurrence of the vascular occlusion and vascular stenosis. This short process is a less risky treatment compared to by-pass. Soluble stents have been produced to prevent health problems and to provide a smoother procedure, but they are not often preferred. Instead, this method, which is less risky, can be preferred.