How Bariatric Surgery Is Performed?

How Bariatric Surgery Is Performed? ; Obese people are undoubtedly the people with the most health problems. The question of how Bariatric surgery is performed is one of the questions frequently asked by obese people. Bariatric surgery is known as obesity surgery. In this surgical operation, an application is made to help people lose weight. It can be applied to obese people, as well as to anyone who wants to lose weight. Surgical operations performed to lose weight are called bariatric surgery method. Sleeve gastrectomy that will enable people who cannot lose weight with diet programs and cannot apply different methods to eat less is one of the bariatric surgery methods. There are also some changes in eating habits and the way the body functions. Bypassing a part of the intestine can be given as an example of this surgical operation.

What Are Bariatric Surgical Methods?

What are the commonly used bariatric surgery methods and when they are used are among the frequently asked topics. 4 methods are widely used today. The methods to be applied are decided, taking into account the health status of the person requesting surgery. These methods are;

·        Adjustable Gastric Banding: It is among the most widely used obesity surgical methods. With a special surgical band, the stomach is tied in two sections in the middle, allowing the stomach to shrink. Due to the shrinkage of the stomach, the person is in a position to eat less and stops eating because of the feeling of satiety. The healing time is shorter because the operation is applied enclosed.

·        Gastric Bypass Surgery: In this surgery, which is known as stomach reduction surgery among the people, the stomach is divided into two parts and a part of the intestine connects to the stomach. This process provides faster weight loss because of a smaller stomach and less food intake.

·        Sleeve Gastrectomy: Part of the stomach is cut and removed. With this method, your stomach is reduced and provides less food intake.

·        Duodenal Switch Surgery: In this surgery, starting in the form of gastric bypass, the upper part of the small intestine is cut and connected to the lower part of the small intestine to ensure that your digestive system does not digest some nutrients and causes to gain less weight.

Nutrition After Bariatric Surgery

People who have undergone bariatric surgery should be more careful after this procedure. Nutrition after bariatric surgery is even more critical than the pre-operative nutrition program. After the surgery, the person should consume liquid formula for a specified period of time. This process is generally recommended by physicians as 2 days. After 2 days, it is a process that should be followed successively according to the health status of the person as the consumption period of granular liquid, solid consumption period, soft solid and then solid consumption. After bariatric surgery, individuals should pay attention to their nutritional intake and the variety. In this process, around 2 liters of water should be consumed by avoiding acidic, excessively fatty, sugary carbohydrate foods. Small amounts of food in small portions should be eaten and at long intervals.

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