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Laco Aesthetic Clinic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, offers a comprehensive range of services and is extremely welcoming to both foreign and domestic patients. They specialize in dermatological services, gynecological and obstetrics services, medical aesthetics and plastic surgery. Specific services include 3D face contouring, Korean nose reshaping, double eyelid design, breast implants, lip and chin augmentation, liposuction and micro cosmetics.

Laco Aesthetic Clinic’s number one priority is customer service. They are comprised of a highly dedicated team that aims for 100 percent patient satisfaction. They strive to provide the highest quality and natural-looking results by only hiring highly qualified staff members who possess high levels of experience and expertise in their respective fields. Laco Aesthetic Clinic uses the latest cutting edge technology to ensure their patients are 100 percent satisfied with the outcome of their procedure.

Maintaining a professional and clean environment is of utmost importance to the staff at Laco Aesthetic Clinic. They work tirelessly in order to make patients feel at home and comfortable from the moment they step in the door. Malaysia is quickly emerging as a world leader in the cosmetic services industry. They are building an excellent worldwide reputation as dependable providers of quality care.

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