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The Clinic Biazotti, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, specializes in plastic surgery and skin treatments. This clinic is ideal for those looking for ways to change their appearance to achieve a youthful look. Also, there are many patients who want to change their look because of the issues caused by illnesses or injuries. In all procedures from breast augmentation to liposuction, the latest technological equipment is used. There are procedures specific to women as well as the ones specific to men. Some of the procedures like skin rejuvenation are offered for both.

Women desiring a change in their look can consult with doctors and nurses about abdominoplasty, breast reconstruction or rhinoplasty along with other procedures that enhance the curves of the body from the eyes to the calves. Some procedures offered to men include gynecomastia and capillary implants. Each procedure is done in a safe way. The entire process including recovery time is discussed in detail before the surgery begins.

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