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What is the Success Rate for Kidney Transplant?

What is the Success Rate for Kidney Transplant?

Transplantation surgeries have been performed very successfully in recent years. When it comes to kidney transplantation or liver transplantation, the most successful countries are ranked in European standards. The known success rate for living donor kidney transplantation is in the range of 93-98%. The high success rates have made kidney transplant surgery the golden standard treatment. Kidney transplant surgery is also a treatment method. For this reason, it should not be forgotten that it is not a treatment that promises 100% success.

Does Kidney Transplant Shorten Your Life?

It is inevitable for patients with kidney failure to undergo dialysis. The life expectancy for patients under the age of 40 on dialysis is 10-15 years. Patients over the age of 40 are on average of 5-10 years. It ensures that the life expectancy of kidney transplant patients is close to normal. Organ transplants doubles the lifetime. Dialysis procedure is devastating for patients and negatively affects the quality of life of patients. On the other hand, kidney transplant surgery improves both the health and the quality of life of the patients.

Donor Kidney Problems

Generally, the problem encountered in kidney transplantation procedures, the first problem that stand out as donor kidney problems are that it is difficult to find living donors and cadavers for kidney transplantation. In general, the desired ideal level in organ donation has not been achieved. The most common operations in kidney transplant surgeries are those performed by taking from a living donor. In order for kidney transplantation to be performed, it is necessary to take kidney from alive or dead. Results from a living donor are always better in kidney transplants. If there are living donor candidates for kidney transplant surgery, donor candidates are also examined before kidney transplant surgery. Details such as diabetes, hypertension and infection are examined in the donor candidate. Tissue compatibility between the recipient and the donor is evaluated and compared in terms of immunology. If the results of these comparisons are positive and compatible, then the organ transplant council decides on the kidney transplant surgery. Although everything is ideal, sometimes the body can reject the transplanted kidney. This situation can even happen years later. In such case, kidney transplantation may be required one more time.


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