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Medical Tourism in Turkey

Turkish medical tourism has been on the rise for the past couple of decades, with an ever-growing market in plastic surgery, hair transplantation, weight loss procedures, and more. Medical tourism in Turkey is mostly opted for by citizens of less-developed countries with limited health resources and insufficient medical treatment options. Most medical tourism companies in Turkey offer high-quality and low-cost treatment and procedures with much shorter lead times. If you, too, are considering traveling to a foreign country for your medical needs, Turkey could be one of the best locations to receive the treatment plan you are in demand of.

What Makes Medical Tourism in Turkey Popular?

Needless to say that the medical tourism trend has been shifting over recent years, with even developed countries seeking global options for high-quality, affordable healthcare. The international medical tourism industry is expected to reach almost $180 billion by 2026.

Turkey is the go-to spot for the majority of international patients for various reasons. Medical tourism in Turkey offers affordable treatment solutions without sacrificing the quality of service, eliminates the waiting lines for elective surgeries, offers high-quality patient care during and after procedures, and provides a pleasant traveling experience overall.

Medical tourism in Turkey Istanbul has especially become popular over the past years, with an estimated 1 million foreigners visiting the city just last year to take advantage of medical treatment and care provided. Statistics also show that 32 percent of the country’s patients consist of medical tourists.

Medical Tourism in Turkey

Advantages of Receiving Medical Care in Turkey

The gateway between the east and west, Turkey, belongs in the top 20 popular countries for medical tourism today. Some of the reasons behind the popularity of medical tourism in Turkey include:

  • An affordable healthcare system
  • A high number of US-accredited hospitals and clinics
  • Doctors with European or American training choosing to house themselves in Turkey
  • A wide range of medical treatment options, including cancer treatment, plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, cardiology, and dentistry
  • No waiting lists
  • Fluent English speaking staff
  • Service privileges including transportation, a private room, translators, and similar personalized options
  • The opportunity to travel to an oriental country and experience the culture

Medical Tourism: UK to Turkey

UK residents are also amongst the majority of medical tourists that opt for Turkey as their health destination. Being the central hub for the East and the West, the country’s location offers easy access, as well as being a globally renowned cultural, commercial, and political center. Turkey houses Europe’s largest airport in Istanbul, with around 200 million passengers each year and 300 direct flights worldwide.

Medical tourism Turkey prices is another benefit that draws UK citizens to the country for much more economical medical solutions. Surgeries, in particular, can be up to 90½ cheaper when compared to the prices in Europe and the USA. Almost 70½ of people who travel to Turkey for medical treatment take advantage of private hospitals. In addition, Turkish Airlines, one of the world’s biggest airline companies, offers special discounts for medical travelers on a regular basis. The total expense set aside for the surgery, travel, and accommodation is usually still cheaper than proceeding with the surgery in western countries.

The treatment offerings are well-rounded and professionally thought-out compared to other European healthcare systems. Hair transplants, dental treatments, IVF, and cancer treatments are just a few of the various reasons people around the world choose to travel to Turkey. The country is home to some of the most high-quality surgeons and hospitals worldwide, with the government constantly helping in upgrading and developing the healthcare industry. Not only does the country receive regular investment thanks to its PPP (Private-Public-Partnership) healthcare model, it also welcomes internationally trained professionals to perform their profession in the country for the best outcome.

Most Popular Medical Tourism Alternatives in Turkey

Medical Tourism in Turkey: Plastic Surgery

Many private clinics in Turkey offer breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and similar aesthetic surgery options to their foreign patients. While anti-aging treatment is becoming quite popular in patients over 40, Slavic nations choose Turkey for facelifts, eyelid surgeries, otoplasties, and nose jobs.
Middle-eastern nations almost exclusively travel to Turkey for hair transplantation, with most clinics and hospitals using the minimally-invasive, maximally-effective FUE hair transplant method. Not only does Turkey offer lifelong security in hair restoration, but Turkish hair restoration professionals also have the capacity to transfer up to 5,000 hair grafts at once while guaranteeing ideal results.

Medical Tourism in Turkey: Oncology

Statistics show that around 40% of medical tourists in Turkey visit the country for cancer treatment options. Having achieved a significant level of success in treating cancer, Turkey is considered one of the world’s best oncological training and internship centers. Prostate cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer are some of the types of cancer that Turkey has a very high success rate in.
Early diagnosis and a proper treatment plan are key in achieving successful results, which is why every oncologist in Turkey is advised to use the highest quality systemic medication, the most modern equipment, and the latest advancements in the medical community.

Medical Tourism in Turkey: Dentistry

Both UK and US citizens choose to travel to Turkey for their dental treatment needs. Turkey is known for its cheap yet qualified dentistry solutions that can measure up to the best clinics in the most developed countries.

Crowns, dental implants, and porcelain veneers are a few of the most popular dental procedures foreign patients visit Turkish clinics. In addition, there are a number of hospitals and clinics that are considered to be the best in the country when it comes to oral health. These include Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital Istanbul, Memorial Antalya Hospital, and Medicana International Istanbul Hospital.

Ophthalmology, orthopedics and traumatology, cardiovascular surgery, neurology, bone marrow transplantation, and lung surgery are also popular healthcare options popular among medical tourism in Turkey.

Medical Tourism in Turkey

Looking for Medical Tourism Options Abroad?

If you are looking for an alternative option for your special medical treatment or procedure, you can consider medical tourism in Turkey as a proven alternative for high-quality healthcare. In addition to receiving highly efficient and affordable treatment, you can also experience the beauty of this country by taking in the blend of Europe and the Orient.

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What Is Medical Tourism & How Does It Work?

Traveling to another country for medical care is now more popular than ever, with more and more hospitals and clinics expanding their service regions into international waters. Now called medical tourism, traveling abroad for a certain medical procedure is especially common in aesthetic, cosmetic, and dental procedures, as well as radical treatment plans including CyberKnife, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.

Here is everything you need to know about medical tourism, basic medical tourism examples, and the most common medical tourism packages you can choose from if you, too, are looking for international medical options.

What is Medical Tourism?

Before digging into the various countries where medical tourism is especially popular, it is important to know the medical tourism definition and what exactly it entails. Medical tourism refers to people traveling to different countries for various medical care. This may include oncologic procedures such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and bone marrow transplant; various types of hair transplant procedures; cosmetic surgery such as breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction; or numerous dental procedures, including teeth whitening and implant surgery. Today, it is possible to obtain inexpensive flight tickets and choose a well-known country in the medical tourism market to receive international healthcare needs.

medical tourism

medical tourism

What are the Advantages of Medical Tourism?

There are many advantages that medical tourism brings to patients who choose to outsource their specific medical treatment. Here are the most common benefits medical tourism provides:

  • Medical tourism offers a much affordable way to get certain treatments when compared to the patient’s home country.
  • In some cases, patients can receive treatment that otherwise is not available in their country.
  • Traveling abroad for optional procedures such as hair transplant or cosmetic surgery can also offer the opportunity for sightseeing and traditional tourism activities the country has to offer.
  • Most medical tourism companies help patients with purchasing economic flight tickets, book an inexpensive hotel, and select the best hospital or clinic for a certain procedure, therefore making the process much more affordable than it would be in their homeland.
  • Hospitals majoring in medical tourism usually have staff trained exactly for out-country patients; therefore, they can speak fluent English and are able to inform the patient about the procedure accurately from A to Z.
  • Most clinics and hospitals that specialize in medical tourism tend to employ doctors, nurses, and medical staff that has worked or trained abroad.
  • With these benefits in mind, it is important to remember that qualification, accreditation, hygiene, and experience are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a clinic abroad. It is essential to conduct background research on the selected organization before going through the process of booking a procedure.

How Does Medical Tourism Work?

It is always best to work with a professional medical tourism company when planning your medical treatment abroad. These companies are usually quite experienced when it comes to selecting the right clinic for the procedure of your choice, helping you book a flight and hotel, introducing you to the clinic’s international staff members, and simply adjusting you to the process entirely.

Once the plan is in place, all you need to do as the global patient is to travel to the country your procedure is going to take place, meet with your team of international medical staff, and follow their instructions on how the process is going to be concluded. Most of the major international patient-friendly hospitals prefer to accommodate their foreign visitors in hotels near the hospital and provide regular shuttle service to and from the hospital when needed.

Some Popular Medical Tourism Destinations

medical tourism

medical tourism

While medical tourism represents a billion-dollar industry around the world, it is safe to say that it will keep growing in the foreseeable future and create more and more individual health service patients interested in receiving medical care abroad. More and more countries nowadays choose to benefit from this emerging sector, therefore offering premium medical services at significantly low prices.

The most common treatment plans global patients seek in medical tourism usually consist of elective procedures such as cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation. That being said, there are some very popular and well-known medical tourism destinations that offer a variety of primary medical solutions such as cardiac surgery, organ transplantation, and cancer treatment. Here are the most popular locations in medical tourism by country:

Medical Tourism in India

Estimated to have a medical tourism industry worth 9 billion, India is best known for its cutting-edge technology and superior healthcare systems that have driven millions of international patients from all around the world throughout recent years. While India’s medical tourism industry keeps flourishing visibly, the country is especially a sought-after country in organ transplantation and IVF. Statistics show that patients can save up to 90% on treatment costs when compared to the US.

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Most US citizens choose to travel to Mexico for cheap, convenient, and effective healthcare. Due to the fact that Mexico is one of the United States’ border-on neighbors, patients initially opt for Mexico before looking into other medical tourism options.

Medical Tourism in Turkey

Medical tourism in Turkey has especially risen in the past few decades, with more and more clinics and hospitals establishing exclusive wings dedicated to international patients. Hair transplantation, oncology treatments, and cardiac surgery are the most common types of medical care procedures that are practiced in Turkey’s medical tourism market.

Medical Tourism in Thailand

Thailand is mostly noted for its dental, cosmetic, and dermatological procedures, having the biggest number of hospitals within the Southeast Asia region with global accreditation. When looking for a dental clinic abroad, most resources will lead patients to Thailand and its distinctive dental care foundations. People also choose Thailand for outpatient therapies such as massage, yoga, and other relaxation techniques.

Other popular medical tourism destinations include medical tourism to Canada, Malaysia, Brazil, and Germany. Nowadays, more and more countries are joining the fray with even Eastern European countries investing in more international healthcare solutions. For more information, you can simply choose the type of procedure you are interested in and look for international options various countries have to offer.

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