Price of Hair Transplant in Women

Price of Hair Transplant in Women

Price of Hair Transplant of Women

Although hair transplantation procedures are generally seen as being applied by men, it has been preferred by women recently. For this reason, women’s hair transplant prices are one of the frequently asked issues. Hair loss is not only a problem for men, but also a problem that can occur for various reasons for women. Especially the desire of women to have long and healthy hair may not be realized due to the use of various cosmetic products or other reasons. In such a situation, discomfort may occur due to perceptions of not looking psychologically well and similar. For those who have problems in this regard, the FUE hair transplant method has started to be applied, and as a result, hair transplant operations have started to be preferred by women.

What is the Cost of a Women’s Hair Transplant?

Although women see hair loss problems as less than men, especially when the identity is applied, hair loss is seen as a problem especially by women. Hair loss is seen for many reasons, from pregnancy to menopause, stress, cosmetic products, accidents. In such cases, it is very natural for a woman who encounters with hair loss to be concerned about the price of hair transplantation. At this stage, hair transplantation costs are almost the same in women as in men. The method used and the number of hair transplanted sessions are the factors that determine the cost of the hair transplant function in general. On average, hair transplantation varies between 2500 TL and 5.000 TL.

Is Women Hair Transplant Successful?

Along with the developing technologies, hair transplantation procedures have started to be made with high quality and guaranteed. Thanks to the FUE technique, hair transplantation can be performed without shaving. Before the hair transplantation, the necessary procedures and care methods during and after hair transplantation are shared with the person undergoing hair transplantation to raise awareness. Thanks to the women following the methods in this regard, success is achieved in hair transplantation up to 90%. In the remaining part, the process seems less effective due to new spills, new openings and similar processes. Women and men should discuss all results with the doctor before the hair transplant procedure. You can make a short preliminary research for women’s hair transplantation prices and choose the center that is suitable for you.
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