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Uni-Dent in Poland offers many services from cosmetic dentistry to orthodontics and makes sure that patients are comfortable with any process provided. The clinic performs all of the procedures by considering each patient’s expectations and needs. The team of dentists and staff use medications when needed so that patients have a pain-free experience during the procedures like root canals or tooth extractions. The clinic offers cosmetic procedures that can brighten the smile, which include teeth whitening, sandblasting, and ultrasound brushing to give a lovely smile patients desire.

The clinic specializes in periodontal disease treatment. Through sandblasting, the dentist can remove the calculus that sets up on the front and back of each tooth. Fluoridation is used to strengthen the teeth between professional cleanings, as well. The experienced team of dentists and staff also offers education to patients so that they know how to care their teeth to avoid any kind of dental problems.

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