Mexico Transgender Center at Green & Health Hospital Tijuana

Mexico Transgender Center at Green & Health Hospital Tijuana Claimed

Tijuana, Mexico

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Mexico Transgender Center, based by Dr. Ivan Aguilar, is positioned inside Green & Health Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Ivan Aguilar is a well known gender reassignment surgeon and CEO of Mexico Transgender Center. Dr. Aguilar’s specializations embody pediatric, reconstructive surgical procedure, urology surgical procedure, neurology, and gender reassignment surgical procedure.Co-founder Dr. Carlos Mèndez, a board-certified plastic surgeon and aesthetic surgeon, has been working with Dr. Aguilar. Collectively, they supply a mix of expertise to all GRS sufferers, starting from reconstructive urology to delicate aesthetic reconstructive procedures.A number of the procedures supplied by Mexico Transgender Center are facial feminization, GRS penile inversion and scrotal flap, beauty penile procedures, nullification, and extra aesthetic procedures.

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