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At Kaloni Hair Restoration Clinic, a welcoming customer service teamed with modern technology put medical care and services provided here ahead of its peers in Mexico City. The clinic’s successful history, which includes more than 9000 successful cases in treating baldness, allowed it to open new branches. The company is actively involved in the hair restoration community around the world, which gives it a large platform to both Mexican people and foreigners in other countries.

The clinic is well-known for housing global leaders in the field of hair restoration, and so patients coming here expect a world-class treatment. Hair loss and restoration specialists at Kaloni are devoted to exceeding their patients’ expectations and needs. Also, they strive to improve patients’ overall quality of life by using the most recent technology, techniques, and cutting-edge products.

Kaloni has the honor of being recognized for improving and refining its own exclusive technique, which is called Hair Micrografting or the Kaloni Technique. As well as treating baldness, the staff is well-trained in performing eyebrow, mustache, and beard procedures.

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