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The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, situated in Quezon City, wants to make sure that patients are happy with the results of your procedure. To this end, all patients will have a consultation with a highly qualified surgeon who will take the time to explore the options that could be appropriate for patients. Dr. Alexander Rana is one of those surgeons, and he is fully trained and experienced in plastic surgery techniques. In fact, he is a member of the Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery. The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic offers its services to everyone who desires to improve their appearance.

The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic can perform procedures in every area of the body that needs a little touch-up. For instance, a client who has excessive sagging and wrinkles in the facial area can have the option of blepharoplasty that removes the bags from underneath your eyes. They can also treat other areas of the body, including the breast, nose, chin, and stomach. Botox is also performed at this clinic.

The time patients can expect to be in the clinic is up to three days depending on the type of procedure they decide to have. The clinic will leave patients plenty of time to enjoy the scenery in the Philippines.

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