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About Us

Coramed is a clinic providing a number of services related to aesthetics. Doctors of the clinic specialize in cosmetic surgeries. They want their patients to feel better about the way that they look. Most procedures performed at the clinic are outpatient with limited recovery times as the most recent and advanced techniques are used. The doctors can perform various procedures, from chin implants to facelifts, that gives a youthful appearance to the patients. Lipofilling and liposuction are also provided at the clinic.

Patients looking for other cosmetic procedures to enhance the look of the face, breasts, stomach, and hands will have several options at Coramed. Most of the procedures that can be performed with laser therapy are done in this way since it decreases the recovery time. All of the staff at the clinic are certified and offer an exceptional level of care for each patient. Situated in Wroclaw, Poland, the clinic provides online consultation, airport pick-up, and nanny services to ensure every patient’s stay is as relaxing as possible.

  • Plastic Surgery

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