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About Us

Eco Reproductive Health Clinic, located in Samara, Russia, was established in 2007. The clinic’s medical team are highly qualified and experienced specialists in their field. The clinic has been accredited by Temos International and prides itself on its quality of the medical care, safe procedures and patient-centred approach. Eco Clinic strives to help couples as well as single men or women. There is no restriction in regards to age, gender or marital status. The clinic offers a number of treatments including IVF/ICSI for older patients (35+), IVF with donor eggs or sperm, treatments for single women and men and surrogacy. The standard IVF programs of the clinic show an impressing success rate of up to 53% while its donor programs reach a rate of up to 63 %.

The clinic’s international department provides support for foreign patients, and the staff at the clinic speak English. Translation services are available for various languages, as well.

  • Reproductive Medicine

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  • Temos is an independent certification body focusing on the medical tourism sphere. It assesses medical service providers all over the world to ensure that the demands and requirements of international patients are met.

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