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The idea for a hospital in the French capital tailored towards American expatriates was formed in the year 1904. In that year, Dr. A.J. Magnin and Harry Antony van Bergen first publicly revealed their idea for an American Hospital Association in Paris that would provide American expatriates with quality care meeting American standards in both French and English. In 1906, this hospital was officially opened in the western suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine, and it continues to provide great care to American expatriates in the City of Lights.

The American Hospital of Paris currently has 145 in-patient hospital beds, 377 physicians and surgeons, and the latest in diagnostic technology, including surgical robots. Thereโ€™s an Emergency Department here that offers patients quality care every day of the week. The latest data from this hospital shows that the American Hospital of Paris performed around 5,700 surgical procedures, almost 6,700 check-ups, and a whopping 77,121 MRIs in 2015. The American Hospital of Paris has been accredited by the U.S. Joint Commission ever since 1954, and it meets the national standards of Franceโ€™s Haute Autoritรฉ de Santรฉ. The hospital has also been recognized on many occasions for its service during both World Wars.

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Weekdays: 7-21
Saturday: 8-17
Sunday: 10-17


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