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No Pain, Bruising and Swelling with Piezo Nose Aesthetics

In the past, patients could experience a painful process following nasal plastic surgery. The risk of postoperative pain, swelling and bruising may distract most people from the idea of having a nasal esthetic surgery. 👃🏻
With the help of developing technology and surgical techniques, the incidence of nose surgery due to bruising and swelling has been minimized. 🤔
Piezo Device used in nose surgeries; provides a painless procedure that shapes the bone without breaking the bone in the nose, damaging the skin, contacting the nose tissue with any chemical. 🧐
Thanks to piezo surgery, which does not break the bone like before, but with the ultrasonic waves shaping the nose, the complaints of swelling and bruising on the patient can be reduced or not experienced at all. 👍🏻
Are you considering nose surgery, but are you afraid of swelling, bruising, bleeding?
You can start this way and get your dream nose with a specialist physician performing piezo surgery.
You can call 0543 696 60 05 on WhatsApp for detailed information and appointment regarding Piezo nose aesthetics. 📞

Dr. Aytekin UZER
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