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What is Angioplasty?

Vascular occlusion and vascular stenosis, which are commonly seen in later ages, but one of the most common conditions, have become one of the biggest problems for heart health. For this reason, in the case in question, vascular dilation can be performed without surgical intervention. This procedure is called Angioplasty procedure. This procedure is a less risky vascular dilation procedure with fewer side effects. Although there are other procedures to get a clearer result, most of the patients who undergo a vascular stenosis did not experience stenosis again. These frequently preferred methods can be an effective tool for your problems. By placing a stent, the vessel expands and blood flow is provided efficiently.

What Is Angioplasty For?

Patients who are faced with the problem of vascular occlusion and stenosis usually have Angioplasty to expand the problematic area. For this reason, an area of sufficient width is opened in the vein in question with the help of a balloon. As a result of these processes, blood flow from this area flows in a better and more efficient way. If you have a stenosis and an occlusion as such, and you have gone to the doctor with the symptoms similar to this, he or she will probably recommend to do a such procedure. This procedure, which is performed without surgical intervention, is more suitable in terms of risk compared to other such procedures.

How Is Angioplasty Performed?

For many people who are afraid of the risk of surgery or having a surgery in general, non-surgical options are a better choice. It is the procedure of opening and expanding the vascular occlusion without any surgical intervention. With these methods, you can get the best treatment result you want in a healthy way. Angioplasty is a method of intervening occluded vessels with the help of a stent without the need for a surgical intervention. For this reason, less risky and less problematic areas are stimulated and the process goes smoothly. In particular, the balloon, which keeps the vein in the region constantly open, is inflated in the vein. If complications have developed, the stent is placed at the level of occlusion.

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