How Many Kidney Transplants Are There in 2020

How Many Kidney Transplants Are There in 2020

How Many Kidney Transplants Are There in 2020?

It is a known fact that it is difficult to find organ donors, and naturally, organ transplant surgeries performed in the world countries are not at the expected level. Despite this situation, the most common organ transplantation is kidney transplant operations. The statistical study conducted was taken from the data of the Blood, Organ and Tissue Transplantation Services Department. Today, the most successful treatment method of end-stage renal failure is kidney transplantation. It is a kidney transplant treatment that ensures a long and healthy life. Kidney transplantation is performed from cadaver or living donors.

Organ Donation Statistics

We have stated that kidney transplant surgeries take first place when it comes to organ transplants. As of 2020, the datas shows that 2 thousand 232 patients are waiting for liver transplantation. In 2019, 1776 people had liver transplantation. In the first days of 2020, 34 people returned to life in a healthy way with liver transplantation. Heart transplant rates are low, as it is harder to find a heart for transplantation. Despite the difficulty of the situation, there is good news from the world about kidney transplantation procedures with the developing technology. With the increase in success rates, it can be said that there is hope for the patients. You can follow the success rates by taking 2020 statistics into account. The organs that are less transplanted in transplantation procedures are listed as lung, pancreas and small intestine. 33 lung transplants and 3 pancreas transplants are operated in 2019. Currently 89 patients continue to be on hold for lung transplantation, 295 patients for pancreas and 1 patient for small intestine transplantation.

Where Kidney Transplantitons Takes Place

Kidney transplant operations are performed in fully equipped and full-fledged hospitals with organ transplant departments and university hospitals. In the meantime, it is also important to have a technological infrastructure and an experienced staff. Thus, the patient and organ survival rate is high. The success rate of organ transplants is high in adult and pediatric patients. Organ transplants are the procedures that bring people back to health and life. Being an organ donor is of great importance in this sense. It is difficult enough to find the proper organ for organ transplants. In addition, the inadequacy of the number of organ donors makes the situation even more difficult.  
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