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SRC Cancun, where health and beauty are combined in a safe place, is a hair restoration clinic providing a way for men and women to have a full head of hair. Patients visiting the clinic experience hair loss often because they have a health condition and sometimes due to aging. All of the hair treatment techniques are performed with laser therapy, which provides a safe and effective way to restore hair growth. Facial hair treatment is also provided. This process often includes the removal of facial hair so that it can’t come back, which offers a permanent solution to anyone desiring to get rid off unwanted facial hair.

SRC Clinic only makes use of the latest techniques in the field and advanced technology while performing hair replacement and treatments. Patients are kept as comfortable and relaxed as possible during the procedures. Also, as a part of the post-treatment process, educational materials are given to patients so that they can understand how to care for the hair and maintain their health. The clinic has been providing its services for more than 15 years in Mexico and has treated over 2,700 patients from all over the world.

  • Plastic Surgery

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