Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad: Why More & More People Are Flying Overseas for Perfect Teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry Abroad: Why More & More People Are Flying Overseas for Perfect Teeth

Also known as aesthetic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry is a permanent and effective solution in achieving the perfect smile. From Hollywood smiles to pearl white teeth, cosmetic dentistry provides patients with various alternatives in creating healthy and beautiful teeth. The absence of an attractive smile not only affects the patient’s oral health but also has a great impact on self-confidence and self-awareness. Your smile is the first thing anyone notices; therefore, the need to perfect your teeth and mouth is a great way to boost your physical appearance. Cosmetic dentistry includes procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers, and implants. While you can always find a dentist down the block that can whiten your teeth, many people nowadays prefer to seek a cosmetic dentist abroad. Here is everything you need to know about cosmetic dentistry abroad, countries leading the industry, and why more and more people opt to fly overseas for a dazzling smile.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry is a group of procedures that focuses on the correction of chipped, discolored, misshaped, or missing teeth. Cosmetic dentistry not only improves the patient’s self-image it also benefits their overall health, both physically and psychologically. While 96 percent of cosmetic dentistry patients are female, the majority of patients that undergo these procedures are between 31 to 50 years old. Cosmetic dentistry procedures aim to create a positive change in your teeth, therefore your smile, while increasing the quality of your oral health.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Even the tiniest change in your smile can dramatically impact your overall appearance, therefore making smile enhancement an important part of cosmetic dentistry. The cosmetic dentistry procedure you opt for depends mostly on the main oral problem you carry. With the latest technology and modern advancements in dentistry, it is now simpler than ever to help patients achieve a beautiful set of white teeth and an appealing smile. From a basic color correction to successfully replacing missing teeth, cosmetic dentistry offers a variety of procedures patients can select from. Here a some of the few:

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is probably the most popular and sought-after cosmetic dentistry procedure of the modern-day. Smoking, consuming caffeinated beverages, and overall neglect of oral hygiene lead to discoloration and yellowing of the teeth. While minor cases of teeth yellowing can be fixed using a special whitening toothpaste, most of the patients seeking teeth whitening options are looking for a permanent solution to a persistent problem. This is where teeth whitening comes in, where the dentist usually completed the procedure in one single visit. Teeth whitening begins with the dentist removing debris such as tartar and plaque from each tooth’s surface. After the natural appearance of the teeth has been restored, the dentist moves on to dental bleaching. A special oral bleaching agent is used to achieve a much lighter and whiter shade than the original color of the teeth. In some cases, your dentist may recommend you continue the procedure at home, advising you to use a special bleaching toothpaste for several weeks to enhance the whitening effect.


Dental veneers are generally made out of medical-grade ceramic and serve the purpose of closing gaps caused by crooked, cracked, or damaged teeth. These veneers go over the natural tooth and serve as personalized caps that cover certain imperfections. The dentist has to remove some of the enamel from the tooth’s surface before attaching the veneers so that the veneer shells are bonded realistically. This part is especially important when getting veneers on incisors. This is the go-to method that is used to create a “Hollywood smile.”

Inlays & Onlays

Also known as indirect fillings, inlays and onlays are also popular amongst cosmetic dentistry procedures. These fillings are custom-made by a dental laboratory and used for teeth with mild to moderate decay. The inlay is directly placed onto the tooth’s surface, provided there is no damage to the tooth cusps. Once made out of gold, inlays and onlays are now mostly manufactured from ceramic or porcelain material, helping the patient achieve a realistic and natural look.

Composite Bonding & Reshaping

In some cases, decayed or damaged teeth may need assistance in achieving their previous appearance. A minimally invasive procedure, composite bonding helps restore a discolored tooth with the help of material that resembles the exact color of the tooth enamel. Also known as dental bonding, this procedure consists of three major steps. First, the dentist drills out the tooth decay before applying composite material on the surface. After that, the tooth is basically “sculpted” into the desired shape, and then high-intensity light is used to stabilize the system. Bonding is also known as one the least expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures at hand, with patients looking for affordable aesthetic dental solutions leaning towards it more frequently.


Dental implants are basically replacements custom-made for missing teeth. Modern-day implants are almost unrecognizable and indistinguishable from the natural teeth surrounding them, therefore making it a permanent solution for filling out missing tooth gaps. Implants are carried out by inserting a small titanium screw into the jawline, which will then serve as the supporting pole for an implant crown. The crown goes on top of the screw and is placed securely, making the dental implant an active part of your mouth. It is important to practice advertent oral hygiene during this period, making sure there are no food remnants in the implant area at any time.

Cosmetic Dentistry Prices

The cosmetic dentistry cost mostly differs from procedure to procedure, composite bonding being one of the most inexpensive ways to enhance your smile. While dental implants are known as one of the most costly methods in cosmetic dentistry, with a single implant costing anywhere from $1500 to $3000, teeth whitening can be an effective and affordable way to improve your smile, with most dentist offices charging around $500 per session. Dental veneers can cost up to $1300 per tooth, while inlays and onlays can cost about $650 to $1200 each. To learn more about cosmetic dentistry prices and research cosmetic dentistry options abroad, click here.

Looking for Cosmetic Dentistry Options Abroad?

More and more people choose to go through their procedures of cosmetic dentistry in Miami, San Antonio, Houston, Atlanta, and so on. Patients prefer flying overseas and visiting foreign countries to achieve the perfect set of teeth since it can turn out much more economical in the long run. Besides, most dental tourists travel to other countries seeking cosmetic dental surgery because the procedures are simply not available in their home countries. If you, too, are looking for cosmetic dentistry options abroad, check out our list of dental clinics here offering top-nautch cosmetic dentistry treatments with affordable prices and high-quality labor.